The career of STEM teachers can be strenghtened en enriched by taking the challenge to choose new activities, both in and outside school. In ‘Career’ we give examples of teacher careers, mainly by small interviews (and some background information).

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In May 2021 we asked the partners to give feedback on ‘3C4Life – Career’.

Question – Give examples of how your STEM teachers are supported in their career in your country.

Germany The Zentrum für Schulqualität und Lehrerbildung (ZSL) gives some information about possibilities (this is new). Support in career happens per coincidence.
Netherlands The VO-HO-networks (cooperation secondary-higher education) gives support to STEM teachers to enrich their career.
Portugal Connection with the universities (for example the teachers collaborate with research projects at the University – Let’s Go STEM) and connection with science centers and universities ‘Live Science Club’ at School-teachers training; the The European Schoolnet has a high impact in our schools
Spain There are teacher Professional Development courses with following up phases, where teachers are accompanied and received feedback when trying out innovations.
There are also collaborative projects between schools and university researchers, where schools bring to researchers their needs and ask them for advise and a research design that allow them to evaluate the impact of an intervention intended at improving teaching at the school.

Turkey Students are encouraged to chose STEM teachers career in high school or with some scholarship programs
Question – How do STEM teachers combine their work as a teacher with other positions in education in your country? What kind of other positions do you see that can lead to a ‘rich career’.

Germany Combining is difficult in Germany. Combining happens sometimes in further training, sometimes teachers work in internal positions at the same time (in their spare time).
Netherlands We see combinations of:

  • Teacher and teacher trainer
  • Teacher and (co)writer of a textbook series
  • Teacher and member of an assessment group that design problems for both summative and formative evaluation
  • Teacher and an active member in one of the associations of teachers in the STEM area
  • Teacher and researcher -> in the last 10 years there were some national (funded) programs to give teachers the opportunity to do research alongside their job as a teacher
Portugal The teachers work in networking; Some teachers have positions in science centers
Spain They can take the position as school directors and leaders of studies at their schools. They can also become school supervisors for school accountability, which is a higher external position funded by the State. The principal and their directe staff have a reduction in teaching hours.
Turkey Undergraduates in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths departments are take some educational courses and certificates to become STEM teachers. They may work in both STEM fields or STEM Education fields.